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OpenStack Updated Individual Contributor License Agreements

Last weekend we updated the OpenStack Individual Contributor Liscense Agreement and all OpenStack contributors needed to sign a new individual agreement (those for which the individual agreement applies).

We graphed the data of the total number of signed forms for each time the total increased by one newly signed form.

The time in epoch seconds has been converted to human readable format using UTC as a time zone.

As we looked at the data, fungi had the following to say:
“The rate is more linear than I anticipated… I was expecting it to level out faster than it is. At a glance, I can see that not many people signed over the weekend, that more signed on Monday than other days (possibly representing ~daily committers), but that the two-day and three-day committers seem to be in somewhat similar proportion. Also, the smoothness suggests that the contributor base are spread out across timezones fairly evenly, or at least their work patterns are spread out around the clock even if they are possibly less evenly distributed geographically.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Thanks for supporting this GNOME OPW intern,
Anita Kuno.