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Fatal: CLA (Echosign) Contributor Agreement Is Expired

The fix? Go here and sign the new contributor agreement.

You will also need to ensure you are a member of the OpenStack Foundation. Use the same email you used to sign up with Gerrit.

Multiple emails? Go here and use your ‘Preferred Email’ to sign up with the Foundation.

Already a Foundation member and got this message, “You may not be a member of the foundation registered under this email address”? Ensure your ‘Preferred Email’ listed in your Gerrit settings is also listed as the primary email address in your Foundation profile.

Attempted to submit a patch for review and got this message, “fatal: ICLA contributor agreement requires current contact information”? Go to this page and ensure one of Mailing Address, Country, Phone Number or Fax Number has a value.

Why is the contribtor agreement expired?

Still not working? #openstack-infra

Anita Kuno.