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How I Am Visualizing Python-novaclient

Why am I visualizing novaclient this way? Well since I am just getting my bearings regarding the code the first thing I need to do is look for landmarks. It was really confusing seeing python-novaclient/novaclient in the path at first and seeing nova/nova in the nova project really threw me at first but I am starting to understand the purpose behind the file structure.

My big landmarks are the directories: python-novalclient, novaclient and openstack or v1. The openstack directory is at the same level as v1 (directly underneath novaclient) and the common directory is underneath the openstack directory, so why have I visualized it this way? Well for the sake of simplicity I like to visualize one path of flow and functionally v1 is imported by files within common and openstack so I consider openstack-common to be one entity and for it to be above the code flow of v1. The v1 stands for version 1 and in the projects with a second version of code to interact with the API, the directory is called v2. When novaclient has a v2 directory it will be at the same level in my mental model as v1, so a fork.

I cherry picked file names to place in this graphic. Why, because there are so many of them. At a certain point it becomes too much data to see the pattern and I mostly wanted to illustrate the mental pattern I am working with right now. I picked the files I have spent the most time in so far.

This graphic might seem simplistic or silly but it took me about 2 weeks to adopt this mental picture and another week to be able to communicate it. Not directly contributing to code but knowing where to look is a very valuable skill. I feel in some regards I am learning how to narrow down my search when looking for the location of a specific function.

Thank you for supporting this GNOME OPW intern,
Anita Kuno.