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Taking Note

One of the biggest challenges that I am experiencing right now is understanding how to describe what I am experiencing. Writing down notes and developing my own workflow is feeling like a process that needs to evolve as my internship proceeds.

At the moment, I am working with IRC as my main form of communication and I have a private dialog window open with my mentor during my workdays. At the conclusion of every workday I copy the text of our interactions and save it to a Tomboy note. Tomboy notes are very flexible and I really like that I can search all of my notes from the main Tomboy page. Iccha, my mentor, often tells me commands or file paths in IRC that are helpful. Being able to search my notes for that command again or access a conversation or url from the day previous is really quite easy. Using a private dialog in IRC and and saving the text to Tomboy notes is working well for me.

I have a google document shared with my mentor and myself and I try to keep it updated as often as I can. I try for once or twice a day. It is a good place for summaries, ideas that carry over from day to day and urls for extra reading. It is nice because the viewers of the document can be administered and I can access the document easily from my browser.

I have been using a blank text file as a whiteboard in my local environment as a place to write pseudo code and collect my thoughts. Yesterday I expanded that idea to this gist. I like that the gist is private within github but I can also share the url with whomever I would like to access the information, readers of this blog for instance. I am still getting the hang of using comments on bug reports to communicate so I created this gist to explain my work and my thought processes to the creator of the bug and get his input going forward. Since it gives an up-to-date status of my understanding, after creating it, my mental energy was free to move onto other things, like blogging while waiting to communicate with the originator of the bug report. I like to have my mental work in tidy packages so that I can view a new and separate task with my full attention. Creating this gist as a whiteboard really served that purpose for me.

Taking notes will evolve as I go along and I am glad to learn new methods to make the best use of how I like to organize my mental space.

Thanks for supporting this GNOME OPW intern,
Anita Kuno.