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Setting Up Devstack

With any kind of development, the first step is creating your environment.

The Devstack project sets up an OpenStack development environment rather quickly (the downloads take a while) with one script. Devstack.

Devstack has been tested on both Ubuntu Server 12.04 and Fedora 17. I have tried it on both and am most familiar with Ubuntu Server so that is the environment I will address going forward. The only thing I have noticed with Fedora is the necessity to disable selinux after the OS is installed.

So install Ubuntu Server 12.04 as an openssh server. Once installation is finished and you have rebooted and signed in, I like to execute the following: sudo apt-get install git libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev eatmydata lynx irssi vim-gtk. The two libs are necessary to run some of the OpenStack module tests and aren’t installed with Devstack. Git is required for Devstack to install properly, eatmydata is useful when running the OpenStack tests. I like to have lynx and irssi around in case I need them. Vim-gtk has a few more features than the default Ubuntu vim so I grab that too.

After apt-get is finished, I generate some keys and then configure my git: git config -- global user.editor "Vim", and also "My Name", and "Must Match Email in Gerrit".

Then I get Devstack: git clone git:// and then cd devstack; cp samples/localrc .; vi localrc and add the following lines to localrc:
then close localrc and run ./ Full Guide Here

Usually Devstack installs successfully but the last couple of installations have exited with non-specific failure messages although everything seems to be running.

After Devstack is finished, execute source ~/devstack/openrc.

I test my installation by executing nova image-list, if I get a list of images I am usually in good shape.

The other thing I do is execute screen -r stack and see if all 17 processes have windows. Less then 17 processes and I may have to stop devstack with ./ and restart with ./ Detach screen with Ctrl-a d since you want screen to continue running.

This is basically the format I follow to install Devstack on Ubuntu Server 12.04.

Thanks for supporting this GNOME OPW intern,
Anita Kuno.