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First Contact

I learned about the GNOME Outreach Program for Women while on Twitter. I saw a tweet from the RailsBridge account linking to the GNOME OPW homepage.

There is a lot of information on the page and I found it a bit overwhelming. I located the information for the IRC channel (#opw on the server - GIMP server on my X-chat) and joined the channel. I soon found myself in conversation with one of the program administrators, marina, and she welcomed me and helped me navigate the qualifying information. I self identify as a woman and it doesn’t matter where in the world I reside, all work is done remotely.

I soon met others in the channel, and started to narrow down what I was looking for and what was available. Sumana from Wikimedia spoke up as did reed from OpenStack. We had a good conversation and I was very happy to meet so many people who were welcoming and supportive of my concerns and questions. I followed a lot of links and read a lot of web pages that day.

I let my experience filter through me during the night and the next day I joined the #opw channel again. This time I met a different person from OpenStack, iccha, and we started talking. I have forgotten the exact flow, a week seems so long ago, but we exchanged emails and I was given some links to help me understand what OpenStack was all about.

Iccha encouraged me to meet other OpenStackers, which I did both on IRC and Google Hangout and I started realizing that I was really enjoying the OpenStack energy.

It is funny because there are so many great projects available through GNOME Outreach Program for Women but what made up my mind was the people. Every time I had a question, someone was there to either answer me or help me find an answer and over the course of several days I realized that it was OpenStack people who were most consistent and available.

I’m a quick learner and tend to be rather flexible in the work that I do so I am most drawn to a work environment than a certain flavour of task. I was impressed by the environment of OpenStack as conveyed by the people. Thank you OpenStack, you helped me select what environment I most prefer.

Thank you as well to everyone involved with GNOME Outreach Program for Women, it is a solid project that I am really happy to know about. Thank you for creating the structure that makes this kind of discovery and interaction possible.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.